Shell Massage

Feel the breeze of the ocean and the unique experience of this alternative treatment . Known to transmit positive vibrations through your body.

24 Carat Gold

A face session with gold peptides for glow and skin elasticity and you will be amazed.

Face Lift Cosmetic Acupuncture

Brings out a person's innate beauty and radiance reduces fine lines softens deep wrinkles

Facial Head & Body

Combinatorial treatment which calms the tension from the head to the toes.


All we truly have is this moment and now it's the privilege time to travel with aromas . Live the moment!

Neck Shoulders And Lower Back

Mobilization techniques which offer relief to these highly stressed parts of your body.

Detox Foot Mask

Physical mental and emotional relief

Reflexology Instead of stress

Foot massage plantar method with balsamic and tea three oil .

Traditional Therapy Thai Yoga Massage

A combination of stretching and special techniques which gives to the body total decongestion.

Deep Tissue

Mobilization techniques in combination with athletic massage. The finest way to strech out your day.

Acupuncture for Hangover

Based on the theory of five elements , your QI energy needs to take back that high quality level of being

Prenatal Massage

Promotes well-being and relaxation and with special technics helps future mother feel de-stressed and with less tension during her period of pregrancy

Couples Massage

Enjoy a remantic experience, share a relaxing massage with your partner or with a friend and create a memory that you will remember forever.

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Relax, indulge, enjoy, and love yourself, too

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